Annette Heacox  | artiste



I work primarily in acrylics and watercolors.

I love colors.

I don’t have formal art training and can’t remember when I started to paint or draw.

I believe colors attract your heart before the actual content of a painting... Are you ready to find out?

Annette is a visual artist based in Sacramento, California. Her work has appeared in galleries and charity auctions. She has also worked on children’s book stories and illustrations, as yet unpublished.

In a painter’s website, I am sure you are more interested by images than by words.

So I will keep it brief, clear, simple, and hopefully memorable!

If you want an introduction to some of my art work keep reading, otherwise please join me in the Art section.

I am attracted to colors before anything else in a painting.

Why? Not sure! But... Colors are pure expressions of feelings. Feelings are often inexplicable but strong deep. Deep is where our core of emotions lies.

If I can reach your emotions with a painting, it works. Therefore with colors in mind first, abstraction or realistic products are born under my strokes.

Enough talking! Please let’s keep turning the pages...